SVAG FEI European Championships YOUNG Riders 2016 INDIVIDUAL Competition

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SVAG FEI European Championships Young Riders 2016: Individual Competition


Gina Schumacher is FEI European Champion Young Riders
Silver goes to Enrico Sciulli from Italy and bronze to Austria’s Anna Lisec

And she did it again! With her ride scoring a 219 and tense moments towards the end as the score was held back, everyone was relieved: After winning the European Junior Riders Championship title last year, Gina Schumacher earned the Young Riders title this year showing ARC Guns M Oaks.

Up until about the middle of the draw list the scored leveled off between 211 and 212.5. Anna Voss and Mandys Little Magnum took the lead scoring 214. Towards the end as the top favorites were about to come, the suspense level climbed noticeably. Jacob Beringer and his horse Rascal Sensation could not quite repeat Friday’s performance scoring 214, which temporarily put him into second place, tied with Anna Voss.
Everyone was eager to see Enrico Sciulli and his mare Snips Gotta Bud. This couple rode home from yesterday’s Team Competition with a sensational score of 220. They again showed an excellent run scoring 217.5.

Last to come in and with another sensational ride, Gina Schumacher confidently steered her gelding ARC Guns M Oaks through pattern 10. They couldn’t quite match yesterday’s top score (221) but their 219 was good to win the seal.
Here are the final results:
SVAG FEI European Reining Champion Young Riders 2016: Gina Schumacher, ARC Guns M Oaks, 219, Germany
Silver: Enrico Sciulli and Snips Gotta Bud, 217.5, Italy
Bronze: Anna Lisec and Tari Whizin, 214.5, Austria