Belgium grabs Gold with the very last run

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SVAG FEI WRC - Team Competition 2016



As often in sports, everything was coming down to the very last moment. Yesterday in the Senior Riders Team Competition, it was exactly like this. The grand finale was approaching and the first big chance for Germany was in the hands of Grisha Ludwig and Gwhiz Im Smart, owned by Momo & Amy.

A score of 221 was another high score which put Germany with a total 660 into a secure second place with the option for the gold medal. There was only one more name on the draw list: Bernard Fonck, NRHA Million Dollar Rider and current leader in the NRHA World Ranking, who could turn the table. And he did!

The owners of Smart N Sparkin, 7 Heaven Reining Horses, were able to feel like in heaven: With a sensational run the Belgian and his 8 year old stud closed the competition with the high score of the day 222 and grabbed the gold medal for Belgium in the very last minute, just 1.5 points ahead of Germany.

What happened up until that run was the following: At exactly 14:00h Paolo Fabbri from Italy with Lenas Drawin His Gun started off the first day of the show. An early trend was set around the middle of the second drag time: the Italian Pierluigi Chioldo riding the ten year old stud RS Polyphemus Jac, owned by Piet Mestdagh, scored a 216. Only a few minutes later der german Alexander Ripper, on board of Hollys Electricspark, a nine year old stud owned by Christian and Rosi Wagner, knocked him out of the lead with a score of 218.5.


The interim result of the Team Competition after the ride of Kari Anna Klingenberg from the USA with Mr Electric Spark scoring 214.5 was the USA in the lead; followed by Italy and Germany. Elias Ernst and USS N Dun It were the ones to bring the German team in the lead again with a run scoring 217.5. But the suspense did not get less, on the contrary: Italy, Belgium and Austria had some arrows left in the quiver.

Ann Fonck with Nic Ricochet, owned by Steve and Gina Vannietvelt-Depauw, set a mark steering the eight year old gelding to a big score of 219.5, naturally frenetically cheered on by her fans, to take the lead.
Dominik Reminder and GR Hug A Jewel knew the recipe to changes things. With a phenomenal run earning a score of 220.5 the two pushed the German team straight back to the top. But it was only 4 points separating Germany (656.5) from the second placed team Italy (652.5) The USA, at this time with a total of 640 points in third had Austria rally close on their heels with a score of 639.5.

The tendency was becoming clear, but the outcome was definitively still open. For example the Belgian team still had two aces up their sleeves with Cira Baeck and Bernard Fonck, which were cleverly played out: Cira Baeck steered the eight year old stud WhizansunnysailorBB, owned by Rüdiger Diedenhofen, into safe shores with a sensational run scoring 220.
Gennaro Lendi and his Paint Horse Stud Yankee Gun were the ones to make the first step towards deciding the medal rankings and scored a 216 to complete the Italian rating totaling 652.5. The last team players from Austria, Belgium and Germany were awaited with suspense and no one was disappointed: Gotta Gold Chain, owned by Jacpoint Quarter Horses and between the reins of Martin Mühlstätter broke the top score of 220.5 by half a point, which lifted Austria up to second place in the total ranking. But that, as we know, was before Grischa Ludwig and Bernard Fonck hit the arena.
What a fantastic first day in Givrins!